Where would we be without trees after all they are our livelyhood in the woodworking world. We are going to devote this page to Trees. Each week we will post a new tree on this page and tell you our experiences working with the lumber from this tree so we hope you find this fact file helpful in your quest into the woodworking world.

1) English Oak – I recently bought this the other day for a picture frame I’am currently making. The English Oak has a majesty of its own. Out of all of the oaks It is most significant for its use in furniture making. When quater sawn we see the true beauty of the wood as the flecks in the grain become more noticeable. This tree also lives and extraordany life that can sometimes span a few centuries. This is one of the hardest woods I have came across so far in my journey through the woodworking world if you had any experiences working with this wood please let us know about it by sending us a comment.

2) Yellow Poplar – In my world as a Teen Age Woodworker i don’t have unlimited funds as is probably the same for most of you out there. so we can’t be making mistakes on the expensive woods so we usually use pine as a default. I greatly discourage the use of pine as a learning wood. It just causes to much headaches. Instead i would recommend poplar. It works beautifully, is a hardwood, finishes well with some extra attention, dries very well with minimal movement, and has excellent strength and stability. its just a great overall wood. it is of a medium density. the grain is overall straight with some cathedral pattern, with the sap wood begin a creamy white, and the heartwood being the same with streaks anywhere from light brown to an olive green. don’t just try throwing a stain on there because you won’t be very happy. but once you get into layered finishes which i will talk about later this wood really shines. so if you have anything to add just write up a comment and we can add it to this post to make our library as thorough as possible!

layered finish on poplar

layered finish on poplar


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