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Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone,

By the time most of you read this it probably won’t be Halloween but still here it goes. This Halloween there was an interesting contest on Lumberjocks, make your own Halloween decoration for the chance to win a 50 dollar Lee Valley gift card. Since i recently just lost my wallet with my 50 dollar Lee Valley gift card in it i figured this was the perfect chance to get it back. So this is what i came up with.

I made a pumpkin out of paduak. This is my first time trying segmented turnings and i think that it came out pretty good. The hardest part was sanding in the eyes, nose, and mouth but overall i found it pretty easy and really fun. the finish is Arm-R-Seal and it looks a bit better in real life. its a bit more orange in real life. So i hope that everyone likes it and wish me luck on the contest!